Friday, July 6, 2018

Environmental security

'BLOOD RAIN' pours down in Russian freak weather event prompting 'biblical plague' panic

Rain in a remote region of Russia has turned a blood-stained red in a shocking weather event. 
Extraordinary footage of the scene shows the red rain pour down in the Siberian city of Norilsk.
Video of the rain shows a car park at a local nickel and copper processing plant in the Arctic.
The vehicles and ground were soaked in a blood-red rain.
According to Russia Today, locals in Norilsk feared that the rain signalled an imminent apolcapyse or a biblical plague.
...Nornickel, which owns the Nadezhdinsky processing plant, said that the company had been carrying out a clean-up in the mining city on Saturday.
Huge quantities of iron oxide had been removed from the factory floor and roof in order to improve the environment.
The material "was gathered and prepared to be taken away".
They said that "a gust of wind blew it over the parking lot while the rain caused it to fall" and produce the eerie scenes.

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