Sunday, July 1, 2018

Border security

Border security is national security

Border security is national securityA secure homeland requires defense in depth and starts thousands of miles from the border. Here too, the reports are troubling. Admiral Kurt Tidd, Commander of the U.S. Southern Command for Central and South America, recently stated that the same pathways and vulnerabilities used for years by criminal organizations to traffic drugs and people north can be exploited by terrorist organizations to move sympathizers into Central America and eventually, the United States. Stalwart regional partners like Guatemala confirm they have detained dozens of persons of Middle East origin on their way to the U.S. using falsified travel documents. Rear Admiral Brian Hendrickson of Southern Command noted “some have ties to terrorism and some have intentions to conduct attacks in the homeland.” Last month, Secretary Nielsen confirmed that each day the U.S. is tracking 15 suspected terrorists either travelling or planning to travel to the United States. These acknowledgements should be deeply troubling to all Americans, regardless of party or stance on immigration policy.

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