Thursday, April 19, 2018

Poll results

Some 60% of Western States' Residents Believe IT Giants Manipulate Info - Poll

A 3D-printed Facebook logo are seen in front of displayed binary digits in this illustration taken, March 18, 2018The majority of residents in such Western states as Germany, Italy, France, the US and the United Kingdom believe that Google and Facebook exploit algorithms allowing them to manipulate information in favor of a particular political point of view, a poll conducted by the IFOP pollster exclusively for Sputnik, showed on Thursday.
"The majority of Germans (68 percent), Italians (60 percent), US nationals (60 percent), French (57 percent), and UK nationals (54 percent) believe that Google and Facebook manipulate information in favor of this or that political point of view," the statement, summarizing the poll results, read.
In all the countries, where the poll was held, university graduates shared the idea about the information manipulation by Google and Facebook more often than the individuals having a lower level of education.

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