Thursday, March 22, 2018

EMP security

The Left Continues to Downplay EMP Threat

Image: The Left Continues to Downplay EMP ThreatWhile Americans debate the Second Amendment “right to bear arms” the First Amendment “freedom of speech” imperils national existence when any fool can publish an article belittling the threat from electromagnetic pulse (EMP).
“The Hype and the Reality of the EMP Threat” (Geopolitical Futures: February 15, 2018) purports to take a “middle view” on EMP, but really bends over backwards to dismiss or minimize the EMP threat, especially from North Korea. The author is clearly a non-expert on EMP as he makes many mistakes:
— Contrary to the author, the short-wavelength E1 EMP, not the long-wavelength E3 EMP, is the more dangerous and damaging form of EMP, as it can destroy small electronics, such as computers, cause cars to stall, make airplanes fall out of the sky, and cause more widespread and deeper damage to the electric power grid and other critical infrastructures than E3 EMP.
— Contrary to the author, an EMP attack from a low-yield 10 KT warhead would cause an E1 EMP field on the ground about 600 kilometers in radius, but the damage will not be confined to the field. Such an attack would assuredly cause cascading failures and a prolonged blackout of the Eastern Grid, that supports most of the U.S. population and generates 75 percent of U.S. electricity...

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