Saturday, May 5, 2018

Syrian war

US Dispatches More Military Gear to Kurds in Syria - Reports

A picture taken on April 2, 2018 shows a general view of a US military base in the al-Asaliyah village, between the Syrian city of Aleppo and the northern town of Manbij
The latest information adds to several other reports on the US’ alleged establishment of new military bases in Al-Hasakah, as well as in eastern Deir ez-Zor last month.
The US sent a new military convoy to the Kurdish militants' bases in the Tal Beidar region, between the towns of Qamishli and Tal Tamr in northeastern Hasaka, the Lebanese al-Manar TV network reported.
The convoy included ten trucks full of arms and ammunition.
Local sources said that the Kurdish fighters have detained a number of civilians southwest of the town of Ra'as al-Ein in Northwestern Hasaka in order to train them in military camps.

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