Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Nuclear security

US and Russian nuclear arsenals set to be unchecked for first time since 1972

A Russian Topol M intercontinental ballistic missile launcher rolls along Red Square during the 2017 Victory Day military parade to celebrate 72 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany, in Moscow.
The US and Russian nuclear arsenals could soon be unconstrained by any binding arms control agreements for the first time since 1972, triggering an expensive and dangerous new arms race, a group of former officials and experts from the US, Europe and Russia has warned.
In a statement to be published on Wednesday, the signatories point out that the 2010 New Start treaty limiting the deployed strategic warheads and delivery systems of the US and Russia, will expire in February 2021, unless urgent steps are taken to extend it.
Meanwhile, the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) agreement is in danger of collapse, amid US accusations of Russian violations of the pact with the development of a new land-based cruise missile, and the Trump administration’s threat to develop a similar weapon in response.

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