Saturday, May 5, 2018


Cybersecurity Expert Refutes McCain's Idea of Cyberattack Against Russia

A man types on a computer keyboardKevin Curran: It really is warmongering talk asking the US to conduct an offensive cyberattack on Russia, but I would caution him against that because I doubt if he’s that technical, and congressional war differs really from cyberwar because cyberwar is down to tools which will allow countries, for instance, to be able to conduct sabotage on systems whether they're nuclear systems or power grids or key infrastructure within companies, it can also be used for espionage and it can also be used for denial-of-service, which is simply where you stop certain sites from working by sending too many packets to them, but the problem with using cyber warfare tools, which is really hacking tools, is that, though you might gain whatever you want to do if it works for you against a certain country that you're attacking, but the fact is that that would be analyzed, what happened...

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